Project Ashray brings smiles back on the faces of 183 patients and their families

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As it is a purpose-built zero billing medical care facility for early covid patients, it saved Rs 4crore for patients, which otherwise they would have spent in private hospitals.

Hyderabad, Telangana: The Project Ashray, the zero billing, purpose-built medical care facility opened last month for Early Stage Covid Patients completes 42 days of yeoman service to the Covid Patients and brings smiles back on the faces of 183 patients it treated and their family members.

As this facility was co-anchored by many reputed organizations like Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC),  United Way of Hyderabad,  HYSEA, NASSCOM, TiE-Hyderabad, T-SIG, AMCHAM, Grace Cancer Foundation, the expectations were very high.

Key outcomes achieved were ZERO mortality and ZERO medical incidents, informs Mr VC Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad who reviewed its progress recently. One fungal infection detected was also treated. There were 4 cases of some morbidity being detected for patients during their stay with us and they were advised proper care.

87 % of patients were found to be without any complications and completely healthy and back to normal activities and the balance was still recovering with some mild after effects like lethargy and weakness. The survey was done 10 days after patients’ discharge, Mr Sajjanar shared.

The potential savings we could make to patients through this project is approximately Rs 4 crore, which otherwise the patients would have blown at private hospitals. Even on account of short stays and on account of Oxygen and Remdesivir, we have saved Rs 50 lakh to them, he adds and says that we were able to achieve this through the dedicated support staff and volunteers. 11 staff members were recognized for their contributions in patient care.

Says Mr VC Sajjanar, 42 days down the lane it delivered what was expected of it. It started with a humble beginning of 50 beds and 2 ICU beds on the mobile bus on 3rd May.  It expanded to 100 beds and 6 Bridge ICU beds. It is the reason for 183 people to smile. During the one and half month, it served 183 patients, of which 120 discharged and 26 are still under its support, service and care.

The Bridge ICU, which probably is only of its kind by any Covid Care Centric facilities which have come up in the recent past was inaugurated by Minister Mr KT Rama Rao and has served 14 patients ever since it kicked off on 26th May, just in 20 days.

Project Ashray was quick enough to add a testing facility to cut down on waiting time for reports. Though free, it is not less than any corporate hospital in terms of ambience, facilities and care. It has all the best facilities one would expect to have, said Mr Krishna Yedula, General Secretary, SCSC.

The bridge ICU has served 14 patients so far out of which 13 have been thereafter moved to non-ICU beds and have gone home safe and healthy. One patient had to be moved to a hospital and since then recovered and has been discharged, informed Mr Viiveck Verma, Project Head in a review meeting lead by Mr VC Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad.

52 patients needed oxygen support and 32 patients Remsdesivir support during their stay with Project Ashray, adds Mr Viiveck.

It employs 117 professionals in addition to catering, housekeeping, and security staff and was planned and executed in a record time frame of 5 days. The staff consists of 27 doctors and 41 nursing staff. The facility was set up when a spike in cases brought the city’s healthcare system to its knees. There were no hospital beds, no oxygen, no medicines. And this facility was in quick response to the growing need. And we could rise to the then prevailing situation, explained Mr Krishna Yedula.

Free service does not mean less care. It means utmost care and care like never before. Be it patients are staff, all were provided free accommodation and food. Staff was fully vaccinated and regularly tested for Covid.

Mr  Ravi Kiran (GHMC Zonal Commissioner) who accompanied the Police Commissioner at the review meeting also appreciated the efforts of Project Ashray, people behind and on the front end.

The entire treatment at Project Ashray is provided FREE OF COST for those who have Aarogya Shree Card and Aarogya Bhadhratha. Others have to pay for some special medicine. It has Round clock availability of Intensivists, pulmonologists, physicians in addition to adequate nursing staff. Its Bridge ICU is manned by a highly qualified team of Doctors & Nurses.

The objective behind setting it up was while helping mild to moderate patients, help hospitals to save emergency beds for the more needy and critical patients. It is one of its kind, a purpose built facility, providing medical Covid care in the country. And it is also highly talked about the facility which has come as a boon to the needy. Ashray is a true shelter for people in need.

The early Covid patients who wish to utilise the facility may call on 08045811138 to seek more details and admission to the facility.

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