Indian Pharmaceutical Company conducts Clinical Analysis for the Supplement to battle against Post COVID-19 difficulties

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Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: According to recent stats, 2.77 crores of COVID-19 sufferers were recovered from 2.88 crores cases in India. All corporate offices and businesses want to operate outdoors but worry much about the Post Covid difficulties and resolutions. While companies were involved in launching products and promoting claims that it fights the Coronavirus, researchers ran clinical tests to confirm how consuming immunity supplements resolve mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Neha Shah, Dr. Rohit Parate, and Dr. Abhay Vispute published their findings on a new COVID-19 clinical trial in the Medical Journal of Advances in Clinical Toxicology. A randomized, open-label, 2 Arm, prospective study was investigated for the safety and efficacy of the health supplements. Fortunately, ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 as supplemental therapy was confirmed to be beneficial in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients and showed overall clinical improvement in WHO 7-point ordinal scale.

They investigated to evaluate the effect on the primary endpoint of the experimental regimen through pairwise comparisons of the testing regimen ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 with a standard-of-care control arm and under a sequential design. The clinical trials were carried out on 60 patients in two centers, SRV Hospital, Mumbai and Chirayu Medical College, and Hospital, Bhopal.

As the World Health Organization rightly defines probiotics as “live microorganisms that administer adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.” ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 are different as they increase immunity and improves digestion, aiding in reducing fatigue. In addition, it’s a nutraceuticals product, the only product with clinical trials as a supplement to fight against Covid-19.

Recent clinical studies indicate that this Supplement supports the recovery of covid patients. The length of time to experience the benefits of the Supplement varies by individual. Some people notice a difference within days. For others, it’s a week or ten days. For long-term benefits, it’s essential to take the immunity bundle consistently over several months. Regular, consistent use of the Supplement will provide the best results. However, missed doses of the Supplement do not cause any harm. Consume the following amount as per your daily regime.

According to Management of Post COVID-19 Fatigue using Systemic Enzymes and Probiotics- Case Series covered by the Medical Journal of Clinical Trials and Case Studies; “The present cases support the use of a 14 days supplementation of a combination of ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 to improve COVID-19 induced fatigue in patients post-resolution of mild to moderate COVID-19 disease. However, there is a need for large-scale, placebo-controlled prospective studies to evaluate this effect further.”

The team of doctors and researchers includes Dr. Neha Shah, Dr. Rohit Parate, Dr. Abhay Vispute.

Dr. Rohit Parate, MD Medicine, Churayu Medical College, and Hospital, observes patients with a Generalised Weakness, Dry Cough, Body Ache, Loss of Appetite, and Constipation for post-covid symptoms. Whereas Dr. Kuldeep Kataria, MD Medicine, Swasthya Hospital, follows over 75% of the patients with Sleep disturbance, Severe Body Ache, Abdominal Cramps, and Heaviness in the chest.

Dr. Sanket Ramesh Mundada, MBBS, DPM, Namrata Neureoschyetric Hospital, Shrirampur conveys, “Post Covid patient with anxiety symptoms, disturbed sleep, depression. Withholding due to the death of the loved ones in Covid, psychosis has increased in OPDs. We have seen cases of fear of getting infected or fear of spreading the infection to family members increasing, causing many palpitations, trembling, sweating in patients. Counseling and appropriate medication help along with immunity booster help maintain the mental and physical health of the patient.”

“Throughout this pandemic situation, we tried hard to fix this unsolvable puzzle of saving lives post-covid with natural solutions that can help people who are grieving. Enzymes and probiotics are robust mechanisms for stamina and vitality, and the medicine and investigation confirm it.” conveys Dr. Neha Shah, Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Navigate a&Swog, VA Long Beach Healthcare, California.

Mr. MukundKabra, Director, Advanced Enzymes, states, “the reason is evident for post-COVID-19 and should heal as any prevalent disease. Advanced Enzymes remedied Americans for over 30 years. Aiding to enhance immunity amongst Indians was our prime focus in this pandemic. Hence, the research-backed Immunity Bundle was made available online. Doctors should address post-COVID immunity immediately because it is affecting a lot of people’s quality of life.”

Dr. Abhijit K Rathi, the Principal Scientist from AET, “ImmunoSEB and Biome Ultra were tested in a few hospitals, clinics, random patients and discovered their feedback. People’s difficulties before the testing were traumatizing. However, after consuming ImmunoSEB and Biome Ultra for some days, the same target group conveyed their curing stories and enhanced immunity evidence.”

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