Role of Kapeefit in Building Modern Day Ayurveda Healthcare Infrastructure

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Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural healing, has seen a major resurgence in recent years as people seek alternatives to conventional medicine. However, despite its rising popularity, the Ayurveda industry faces several challenges in delivering quality healthcare in the modern context. This is where technology can play a transformational role.

Ayurveda-based health-tech startup Kapeefit is at the forefront of leveraging technology to make Ayurveda more accessible, affordable and efficient. Kapeefit aims to organize the highly fragmented Ayurveda industry and help practitioners deliver standardized and personalized care to patients across the globe.

“Ayurveda has immense potential for preventive and curative healthcare if modernized appropriately. With Kapeefit, we want to build the technology infrastructure and network needed to bring credibility, structure and scale to Ayurveda,” says Nishant Agarwal, founder and CEO of Kapeefit.

The startup offers a plug-and-play platform that allows Ayurveda doctors and patients to manage their records digitally – from scheduling appointments to maintaining electronic health records, medicine management to billing.

It makes consultations more efficient by providing practitioners with critical patient information at their fingertips. The proprietary health records system also enables remote monitoring and personalized follow-ups.

For patients, Kapeefit provides transparency into practitioner credentials, services offered and costs – addressing a critical gap in the Ayurveda industry currently. Its online doctor discovery and appointment booking features make quality Ayurvedic care accessible from anywhere, anytime. Kapeefit’s personalized health programs, built by a team of technology and Ayurveda experts, allow customized and evidence-based treatments.

The startup has already made strong inroads, consulting with over 10,000 Plus Patients across India. It is also playing an instrumental role in large nationwide initiatives to modernize the delivery of Ayurveda services.

Transforming NAD

Last year, Kapeefit was part of Ministry of Ayush’s National Ayurveda Day (NAD) program for creating digital consultation platform for Ayurveda.

“Digital Consultation Platform for Ayurveda allowed us to make Ayurveda accessible to the world in an interactive format. People could visit from anywhere to consult top Ayurveda practitioners. We made Ayurveda fun and engaging for the social media generation,”

Transforming Ayushman Bharat

Kapeefit is also enabling technology capacity building within the government’s flagship Ayushman Bharat program, which aims to expand healthcare access across rural India.

Kapeefit Doctors are trained on using Kapeefit’s clinic management and telemedicine solutions to deliver online consultations and monitor patient health digitally, even in remote villages.

“Such public-private partnerships catalyze rapid adoption of technology. It is helping strengthen community-based primary healthcare across these states,” emphasizes COO of Kapeefit.

The Road Ahead

Within five years of its founding, Kapeefit has emerged as a leading health-tech enabler for the Ayurveda sector.

Kapeefit plans to to expand its provider network to over 5,000 Ayurveda clinics and partner with major insurance players to increase insurance coverage for Ayurveda treatments. It also aims to extend its services to 30,000 village clinics under Ayushman Bharat over the next two years. 

The company is building a Platform + Health Data Analytics vertical focused on preventive health tracking. Kapeefit will launch Smart Ayurveda clinics equipped with connected devices to collect patient health data and software to analyze Ayurvedic treatment effectiveness.

“Our vision is to build Kapeefit into an end-to-end Ayurveda healthcare platform in partnership with key stakeholders. We want to establish Ayurveda as the global poster child of how technology can expand access to affordable, personalized and preventive care,” concludes Agarwal.

In the post-pandemic world, Kapeefit’s use of cutting-edge technology to drive the mainstreaming of Ayurveda couldn’t have come at a better time. By bridging its ancient wisdom with modern solutions, this pioneering startup is scripting the next chapter in the evolution of holistic healthcare.

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