Artist Pratibha Singh announced a national level art Exhibition

Artist Pratibha Singh announced a national level art Exhibition

Artist Pratibha Singh

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New Delhi: Rochelle Carr once said, “Art has a voice – let it speak”. Aiming to exemplify this, Pratibha Singh, an MBA turned into a medico, renowned artpreneur, has announced her 2nd exhibition in September 2022 to showcase her own artworks and a few success stories of recovered clients, distinctive artwork created via Experiential therapy in Neo change (Rehabilitation centre).

Paintings will be on display as part of an exhibition on her journey to realize the need for psychological and mental serenity as well as new ways to channel energy in artistic ways. This series of paintings is about covid-pause, which let her see through the inevitable interruptions in her daily routine. These artworks were created during the Covid period. These paintings are the amalgamations of science and emotions of the artistic mind.

Similar to how Ideally Science works: the first step is the identification of an issue, the second is the hypothesis, next comes data gathering, then analysis, and finally, the conclusion. She is utilizing colours as a mode of communication for the people who seek psychological counselling from her. When the person is unable to put the feelings into words, she made them work on a blank canvas to unload the mess inside the mind and let them see what they are dealing with. This sort of treatment is known as Experiential Therapy.

Pratibha Singh is a person who saw positivity in the chaos. Because she had worked in human resources, she is also familiar with the day-to-day occupational, behavioural, and personal psychological components of individuals on the ground level. She is a self-educated craftsman and presently, she is pushing the utilization of beginning any work of art to keep the brain serene. Her most captivating and defining trait is that she has prior experience working with people before pursuing a career as a Psychotherapist, which makes a large difference in her approach to the issue.

Regardless of how occupied, a timetable one has, emotional well-being ought to be the main concern as a “Healthy body is within the healthy mind”.

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