Rochak Tathya by Tushar Ganeriwal, reached 5 Million active users to become biggest Hindi Facts platform on social media


Tushar Ganeriwal

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Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Famous digital platform Rochak Tathya reached 5 Million active users. The platform forecasts interesting news and facts about the world events.

Tushar Ganeriwal founded Rochak Tathya in October 2017, Since it’s inception Rochak Tathya has seen a roller coaster ride. Within a few months, Rochak Tathya grew to 1 million followers, Hindi Portals were very limited in 2017. Rochak Tathya was first in the niche. Rochak Tathya was also the first Hindi Portal on Instagram, and within few months it grew to become the biggest Hindi Profile on Instagram.

Rochak Tathya founder, Tushar Ganeriwal says, “It is a dream come true. I started this project from the scratch and always knew this is going to be big. I wanted to present Indian viewers a platform where they can know about the facts and information about the things not known to them. India is for sure one of the biggest marketplace in terms of social media. I knew working in this space will surely be a boom in my career. People in India are always hungry for interesting facts and through Rochak Tathya, I have tried to stand on the expectations of my viewers.”

In October 2017, on his 17th birthday, Instead of gifting himself Expensive Gadgets, he decided to invest in his company, on the same day he launched the project Rochak Tathya. Even though he was only 17 years old at the time, he already had the knowledge and experience to make this a success.

Within a year of launch, the platform had more than 2 million followers and it was one of the most popular Hindi language portal in India. Today, the page is followed by more than 4 million people on Facebook and more than 1.2 million people on Instagram. The analytics from all the combined social media pages has revealed that Rochak Tathya gets over 50 million views every month.

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