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SRM University Sonepat offers interactive career counselling sessions across 17 locations in India on 14th August, 2022

Delhi-NCR/Sonepat, (Haryana) [India]: Every year, thousands of students graduate from high school and enter the realm of professional studies to pursue their desired careers. After completing the 12th grade, one of the most challenging decisions for every student is choosing the correct University. Students typically lack practical career assistance and, as a result, enrol to any course selected randomly.

Professional assistance can benefit course selection, career guidance, and entrance requirements. In addition, counselling from subject matter expert is crucial in guiding and awakening students about their interests and the most suitable employment options available.

SRM University Sonepat organises the enthralling TownHall Sessions on 14th August to make this selection easier. These sessions are grouped according to numerous areas (across 17 cities in India) to offer students an overall perspective and assist them in making informed decisions regarding their desired campus and subject majors.

During these sessions, an experienced counsellor will update the students on the most up-to-date admissions policies, acceptance rates, expectations of admissions committees, and merit scales of the nation’s top universities, including SRMUH.

Students can benefit from the counselling sessions by learning more in-depth information about their career alternatives. In addition, it will facilitate the students in comparing their profile—strengths, needs, chances, and interests—to the standards of the most selective colleges and universities in India and abroad.

Aspiring students will also be assisted in determining their unique area of expertise through motivational stories, time management advice, practical tactics, examples, insights, and words of support from seasoned counsellors. Overall, attending the TownHall sessions could be a complete game-changer in how one perceives the future.

Identifying The Right Educational Institution

The primary factors that distinguish a university from its competitors are curriculum structure, teaching methods, approvals and certifications, academic & industry connections, faculty competence, campus infrastructure, and placements & scholarship help. In addition, a good institution should present its students with various options through a diverse curriculum so they can plan their own futures.

SRM University, Sonepat, has an enriching campus, key academic affiliations with recognised government bodies, industry-aligned courses that provide students with academic excellence, trained and experienced faculty, new and innovative pedagogy, and phenomenal global collaborations with students with flourishing exposure. All of them distinguish SRMUH from other universities.

SRMUH is a popular choice for learners due to the number of available scholarships and work opportunities. The school’s supportive and knowledgeable professors are among the numerous reasons for the University’s success and unwavering reputation.

In addition, “Top Recruiting Partners” makes it the students’ top pick. It has substantial industrial partnerships that provide students with a comprehensive learning ecology, mixing traditional classroom instruction with hands-on experience. SRMUH has partnered with ‘IBM,’ ‘Xebia,’ ‘TCS,’ and several other notable industry giants to offer specialised courses to passionate students. In addition, they have a ‘center of excellence with Siemens and Bosch.

One can undertake Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate programmes in Law, Engineering, Technology, Management, Commerce & Finance, Humanities and Science, and other popular fields. SRMUH also offers cutting-edge training, in association with IBM, on Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps, AI, Data Science, IoT, Blockchain, and Big Data. The industry trainers and excellent mentor support allow holistic development among aspirants.

Interested students can register themselves at: https://bit.ly/3Ckmoy7

SRMUH was founded in accordance with the Haryana Private University Act of 2006. It provides various graduate and postgraduate programmes for Indian and international students. In addition to academic performance and skills, the University aspires to impart ethical and social consciousness, producing graduates who are best equipped to serve the nation and the world.

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