Thinksynq builds the runway for 10x to 100x journey for Startups

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  • Thinksynq can connect the strategy and execution by not only thinking through “how it is be done” but also foreseeing all the execution challenges and preparing ground for addressing them
  • Thinksynq’s wide and deep operating expertise will build the much-required sharpness in execution
  • Experienced hand, not only asks the right questions but also provides appropriate solutions

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) [India]: Thinksynq a boutique execution-focused Consultancy Company led by business practitioners, offers a complete end-to-end solution for start up’s in their growth phase.

Two areas stand out in execution effectiveness – Conflict resolutions and Problem-solving. Operations management almost always is an arena of conflict resolutions at all levels– channel partners, employees, customers, investors and many more.  Having successfully navigated these conflicts in wide array of scenarios and business climate, Thinksynq can build the resilience in confronting conflicts and coming out with sustainable solutions to the challenge. Problem identification requires asking the right questions and also looking at the right areas. Thinksynq because of its multi-dimensional experience can not only frame the problem right but also dwell deep and find out the inherent causes and finally put in place enduring solutions.  Operating with a narrow lens, most times the operating manpower in the startup does not solve the core problem, hence the operations continue to throw up surprises.

In the multi-dimensional areas of business in a startup, Thinksynq keeps a track on 

  1. Business model – well-experienced team of advisors at thinsynq looks at-sustainability of the current model and developing alternative models. Measuring the unit economics right and identifying opportunities for making it work.Thinking through tech enablement for improving cost and efficiencies. For running operations efficiently designing the right organization structure with clear deliverables for each role.
  1. Sales management-Getting the product–market fit right, sales manpower – dimensioning and skills identification. Improving sales effectiveness by tracking the right metrics and having results-reward properly configured.
  1. Accounts payable & receivables – evaluating the adequacy of credit terms and preparing ground for higher credit period. System design for receivables management. Debtors and creditors account reconciliations and putting in place processes for ensuring timely and right reconciliations. Finally, making the collection process less person-dependent and more process-oriented.
  1. Cash flow management – The range of work in this space would cover budgetary system &controls and sizing up funds requirement. Rationalizing spends and evaluating spend effectiveness. In objective assessment of competitive strengths built through cash burns, cut out on wasteful expenditure, and provide a longer runway with available cash.

Thinksynq’s work in start-up space covers a wide spectrum of industries – EM3 – Tech enabled farm mechanisation, Safe Harvest – Pesticide free, Farm-fork basic foods, iMax – Ed-tech.  WayCool– Well-funded Agritech Company dealing with both fresh and basic foods, Lithium – Electric vehicles.  Aspada Lighthouse – Large VC fund invested in 27 different start-up.  Resonate – consumer electronics. Aaha stores – Platform for office supplies (B2B) ,Big leap – Manpower provider to start-up’s, Naruvi hospitals – Multi-speciality green field project

Laymen Agro – Farm-to-fork start-up and Vortex engineering – ATM providers. 

Founded in 2007, thinksynq is a boutique execution-focused consultancy company led by business practitioners with over 100 years of experience in the corporate world. Thinksynq team with diverse capabilities in Strategy, Finance, Sales, CRM, Marketing, HR and Tech help start up’s in navigating execution challenges and build resilience in operations. To know more do visit

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