Stylish Bodybuilder Rohit Rajput is the Ultimate Brand Magnet

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Mumbai : Rohit Rajput is an athlete with a difference! He’s got the best of genes and the best of spirit, which has made him one of the top bodybuilders in the world. It is this towering personality of his that attracts the best of national and international brands for endorsement. In fact, Rohit’s disarming demeanor, easygoing attitude and social media following have made him an enticing brand in itself. It is this amalgamation of perfect looks and a successful online presence that have turned Rohit into the most sought-after ambassador for brands associated with different businesses, especially fashion & lifestyle. He is probably one of the few Indian sportspersons to have tie-ups with some of the reputed international brands & products. The brands that Rohit has worked with have started to grow immediately, thus, making him a lucky charm as far as endorsements go. Businesses from within India and outside are clamoring for Rohit’s attention because they want him to promote their brands and help them gain traction.

The army of followers that Rohit enjoys on his social media handles like on Instagram, undefeatable_rohit_rajput, makes it clear that he is held in high esteem for his stylish outlook in life. His followers range from top models to famous sportspersons, college-kids to businessmen. Everyone of them looks forward to his Instagram updates, especially his posts that have Rohit posing in one stylish outfit after another. His followers look forward to his new looks and they don’t waste any time before donning the same looks. No wonder then that this unrelenting athlete is today one of the top fashion bloggers in the country, thanks to his acumen for the chic!

Rohit was born in Haryana and he started working on his body right from his schooldays. Rohit was impressed with the “Akhada” tradition, prevalent in rural India’s northern parts even today. However, after shifting to Delhi with his family, Rohit got introduced to the idea of gymming and he started working out inside gym. The exposure was beneficial for him but, unfortunately, he couldn’t afford it in the beginning. However, soon, he started a side-business with his friends and was able to put himself through the whole gym regime. Nevertheless, since he was still building his physique, he was not yet the impressive personality that he is today.

With time, he built a great body and started participating in bodybuilding contests. With his first win, at the YMCA contest, Rohit became a star in Delhi’s bodybuilding circuit. With that victory, people who were avoiding him so far, started looking up to him for bodybuilding advice. Soon, he also started receiving advertisement offers, which made him a popular face across different mediums. Gradually, Rohit also became the brand ambassador of multiple supplement brands, at national and international levels.

Bouyed by the wonderful response from everywhere, Rohit kept up his spirit and continued to participate in competitions in different parts of India. The best part was that he kept winning one title after another! Some of the notable titles that this dynamic  young athlete has won include Asia’s 1st and the World’s 2nd winner of the Sheru Classic Men’s Physique title, Mr. Delhi (four times), Junior Mr. Haryana, Mr. India, Mr. North India, etc. Those who know Rohit right since his early days as a bodybuilder vouch for the fact that Rohit has built his amazing body in much less time as compared to other bodybuilders.

At the peak of his career, Rohit injured his back and doctors advised him to give up bodybuilding.  Rohit did the exact opposite. He continued to work on his body, one day at a time, and soon, due to his perseverance, within a year of getting injured, he was ready to take part in the Amateur Olympia Competition. The icing on the cake was that Rohit not only participated in the PRO Qualified but also ended up winning Gold in the Classic Physique category.

Recalling that difficult time, Rohit says, “Problems are a part of success. If you get demotivated or loose against these problems, you’ll never be successful. Ever after my back injury, I decided to stay focused towards my passion. I worked slow during that time, but never stopped. This is how one has to follow their passion to be successful. Always believe in doing hard work.”

Rohit appreciates the opportunities he has received in life so far and he is careful while talking of his ambitions, “I am very grateful for the genetics that I have, which has really helped me reach where I am today. But this does not mean that I did not face difficulties. While at the peak of my career, I was advised to stop bodybuilding, but I did not give up. This is why I am now going to live my dream of representing India in the Olympia. I want to bring the Title home for my Country.”

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