Highly Trusted and Experienced 5 Best Astrologers in India ft. Bejan Daruwalla, Hemant Barua, K.N. Rao and other

Highly Trusted and Experienced 5 Best Astrologers in India ft. Bejan Daruwalla Hemant Barua K.N. Rao and other
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Consulting the best astrologers in India is the surest way to get solutions to get accurate predictions and professional life-saving guidance. Check out this top honest and genuine celebrity astrologer list for the best professionals to ever come from India.

India is home to the honest and genuine astrologers, with countless professionals earning the country countless accolades over the years. However, consulting the best astrologer in India might be difficult.

So many people claim to offer professional services in Vedic astrology, but you can only settle for the best at all times.

The best astrologers in India provides significant guidance on several life aspects and offer professional support to solve problems. Any astrologer you plan to work with should have the right credentials and pedigree to offer predictions and solutions.

In this list, you’ll see more details on five (5) of the best astrologers to ever come out of India. Check this list closely and work with an expert astrologer that possesses everything you need to succeed!

1. Bejan Daruwalla

Bejan Daruwalla received countless accolades and was India’s celebrity astrologer before his sudden passing in 2020. Daruwalla continues to receive widespread recognition as a major force in Vedic arts, even after his transition.

Bejan had several clients from other continents; his client list entertained sports stars, business professionals, actors, politicians, and other VIPs.

Bejan served his clients with ample experience in Palmistry, I-Ching, Numerology, and Kabalah. He was one of many pioneers of Western and Vedic astrology from India and applied his experience to predicting events accurately. Bejan predicted political assassinations, election outcomes, and natural disasters correctly throughout his lifetime.

The current astrology community regards him highly, and he still ranks as India’s best astrologer ever.

2. Kotamraju Narayana (K. N.) Rao

K. N. Rao is an Indian astrologer with immense renown in the international astrology community. The veteran astrologer specializes in Vedic arts and has attended several international events since he rose to fame.

Rao received his initial training at 12 years old. His mother was the first to teach him various aspects of Vedic astrology before Rao proceeded to gain further training.

Rao’s popular stems from his ability to give accurate predictions about popular figures and world events. K. N. Rao has served clients from around the world, offering his services to transform lives along the way.

Some of Rao’s most notable predictions have spanned decades, earning him countless recognitions for his contribution to Vedic astrology. Many of his clients from India and abroad learnt of Rao’s predictive capacity after he gave correct forecasts about the India-Pakistan War and Bill Clinton.

3. Hemant Barua

Hemant Barua has served 70,000+ clients locally and abroad, making him one of India’s most respected astrologers. Dr. Barua is a horoscope analysis expert and uses his skills to provide predictions about various topics.

Hemant’s work has earned him international recognition in form of awards and qualifications. He holds a doctorate in Astrology and won several coveted achievement awards in the astrology community. Some of Hemant’s most popular awards include:

  • Global Srestham Award,
  • International Jyotish Award, and
  • Global Best Astrologer Award& Many more

Dr. Hemant has a postgraduate in Vedic Astrology & Gemology from a prestigious Indian college. He is one of India’s most qualified astrologists with training in Gemology and Astrological Remedies.

Dr. Barua adopts these methods to work with all his clients:

  • Classical references,
  • Ashtakvarga,
  • Horoscope calculations, etc.

Many of his clients come from successful industries, sports, politics, theater, and other areas. Hemant offers services to regular clients too and doesn’t compromise on the quality of service delivered.

Potential clients can always get detailed walkthroughs and a 30-day horoscope guide. Clients can conveniently make their lives better with the massive list of services and guidance Dr. Hemant has to offer.

All clients can book a direct phone conversation with Dr. Hemant through his website www.planetsnhouses.comor contact him on WhatsApp (+91 9773959523).

4. Sunita Menon

Sunita Menon is a popular celebrity astrologer and one of the best female tarot card reader. She is well known in the celebrity space as most of her loyal clients are established TV personalities and Bollywood starts.

Sunita offers her services to celebrities like Queen Bee, Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, and other notable Bollywood figures. Her rise in popularity has more to do with her accurate tarot readings than her affiliations with TV personalities.

Several reports also claim many popular movie producers and directors in India and abroad consult Sunita for readings. Her ascent to become one of India’s best tarot card readers has inspired a generation of youngsters to hone their skills in the trade.

5. Pandit Jagannath Guruji

PT Jagannath Guruji is one of India’s prodigies in the astrology space. Increased demand for PT Guruji’s services fuels his meteoric rise to the very top of India’s astrology rankings.

Jagannath offers his services based on pure astrology and retains several longstanding family traditions to offer his services. Many of Jagannath’s services focus on offering solutions to problems with clients’ careers, relationships, and wellbeing.

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