Best Informational News Portal in India

Best Informational News Portal in India
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Upnews360, a website launched which provides information that benefits people of all ages.

23rd June, 2015, the upnews360 is a portal launched all over India with the URL We are the website that provides all the news around the country. We get much more than news in which other portals provide. Readers can benefit from more information like sports updates, food and hygiene, and instant political news updates.

We also provide some other useful information related to government schemes, Finance updates, new technology updates, and educational news worldwide. We also guide how to use any portals and provide or gather information, such as updating your Aadhar details online.

Student Corner

Also, we have a students’ corner. We provide portals to the best universities all over the world. Students who dream of pursuing their higher education can utilize our website well to gather information about any universities in the world. They also get access to those university portals directly from our website. upnews360 will provide instant news updates on the election events; IPL matches any other new government schemes or foundations launched. We provide you with 24/7 information updates. Rather than saying we provide news all around the state and India.

UPnews360 portal does not mean that we only provide information around the state of Uttar Pradesh. Also, we provide news updates around India and some information regarding academics around the world. We also provided another option for the readers. They not only read news, but also they can post their views as the blog post on the website. No other website had given this attractive feature of posting guest blog posts by the reader.

Most websites provide only news updates or articles and blogs where the readers can provide guest posts. We provide all three features where the readers can share their views along with the other readers. As already stated, the readers have a special feature on this website to provide guest posts. We accept niches like general, Finance, sports, education, essay writing, news reviews, Cryptocurrency, and many more. We are proud to say that our website features prestigious websites like Wikipedia, Hindustan times, orange, Newshunt 360,, and many others. Due to this vast network with other news websites, we cover most of the information all at once. It reduces your website switching time and stays focused on the kind of information you want to read.

“The headlines are never in the news! And so, what I am saying is the news is never on the headlines!”

Sahndra Fon Dufe

We make the news as mentioned by Sahndra Fon Dufe. You cannot gather all the information just by reading all the headlines. At the same time, the happenings are not the same as they are in the headlines, and they are only information, not news. We engage all our readers to build their knowledge by providing all the useful information from our website. We want to extend a warm invitation to visit our website, take advantage of the resources available, and also subscribe to our news website.

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