Baakliny Mansour aka Enzo- The entrepreneur who is making it huge in the professional Hair treatment Industry!


Baakliny Mansour

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How does it feel like getting paid for a job which is fun? Well, meet Baakliny Mansour, an ace entrepreneur and artist who is Blondes & Hair Extensions Specialist and Founder of 2 new techniques Ombréyage & Foilayage. Famous by the name “Enzo”, this ace Entrepreneur is a behemoth name in the field of hairstyling.

Being a hair expert for thousands of people of Lebanon, and trainer of many hair products, it is a huge flex and it shows how good Baakliny Mansour is at his work. Not just skilled, Baakliny is a knowledgeable person, he has a deep knowledge of hair quality, texture, colors, face shapes and styles. Entrepreneur Baakliny has also collaborated with many fashion magazines in Lebanon.

We all have some goals and objectives for which we motivate ourselves. Every entrepreneur is born with different skills and assets. That’s why, there are different people who are experts in different fields and genres. Taking a pause Baakliny says, “Whatever you are pursuing right now in your life, you should be 100% satisfied. Doing things will only mean if you recognize and work hard for them.”

The quality that this growing and successful entrepreneur Baakliny Mansour delivers, is due to his positive attitude. He believes a positive attitude creates a perfect balance between your professional and personal life. Baakliny Mansour is fond of wandering and loves traveling, Baakliny says “I love wandering and traveling, this gives me energy to work efficiently and reason to earn money”.

Entrepreneur and Hair expert Baakliny Mansour Known as Enzo is also famous for founding 2 hair techniques “Ombréyage & Foilayage” that permits hairdressers to triple their incomes and facilitate hairdressing business. He has an Instagram account @enzo.baakliny with over 310k followers where he shares his aesthetic and trendy hair works through different beautiful clients. Baakliny Mansour is himself a very stylish and trendy Man. He says “Fashion sense and uniqueness of your style, highlights you differently among other people. I am very passionate about my hair and take it very seriously”.

For booking appointments or taking hair advice from this ace entrepreneur and hairstylist Baakliny Mansour Known as Enzo, you can visit his website at

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