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Salaheddin Amani

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“For dreams to come true, you gotta work for it as if there is no other choice.” Says Ace Entrepreneur Salaheddin Amani who is a Dubai based entrepreneur and owner of “Chicken feed factory” which works across Dubai and Internationally.

There are many people out there who have worked day and night to manifest their dreams into reality but it is a bitter fact that not everyone succeeds in achieving their goals. Even after doing their best people often get disheartened by the fact that success doesn’t come easy. Entrepreneur Salaheddin Amani says “Doing the best and still not getting results is a problem that has been faced by a large chunk of people worldwide. The whole idea of achieving success by doing the best is distorted. One must be able to identify the strategy to achieve their goals and work accordingly; only then he can achieve success.”

The quality that this growing and successful entrepreneur Salaheddin Amani delivers, is due to his positive attitude. He believes a positive attitude creates a perfect balance between your professional and personal life. Salaheddin Amani is fond of wandering and loves traveling, he says “I love wandering and traveling, this gives me energy to work efficiently and reason to earn money”. Of Course, we all have some goals and objectives for which we have to constantly motivate ourselves, this is why it is important to Savour the Pause. Every entrepreneur is born with different skills and assets. That’s why, there are different people who are experts in different fields and genres.” Taking a pause Salaheddin Amani adds “Whatever you are pursuing right now in your life, you should be 100% satisfied. Doing things will only mean if you recognize and work hard for them.”

Entrepreneur Salaheddin Amani is also quite a famous name on social media and he has more than 576k followers on his instagram alone. There he often shares Business wisdom churned through his life experiences. He also shares glimpses from his professional as well as private life. You can follow him for everyday inspiration.

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