Varanasi Silk marries Cashmere Pashmina to deliver personalised ‘Zodiac Collection’ Dusala shawls

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  • Pashmina undergoes a fashionable face-lift to become even more classier
  • Fusion between cashmere and silk, creates a symbiosis of royalty, & comfort
  • The collection is customised according to zodiac signs making it extremely special for GenNext

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Bringing the spotlight back on Cashmere Pashmina by blending the magic of silk while weaving shawls, Sugandha and Shiva Kedia have partnered with Ami Patel to entice GenNext with their truly personalised ‘Zodiac Collection’. Born out of marriage between Cashmere Pashmina and Varanasi Silk, the collection creates a symbiosis of royalty and comfort.

Dedicating the collection to everyone chasing stars and hope, Sugandha and Shiva Kedia founders of Dusala said, “You radiate what rests in you. We are keen on the new era radiating positivity and affinity in Dusala.”

Launching the Zodiac Collection today, actor Neha Dhupia said, “While the designs are fabulous and extremely contemporary, the equally important is that the brand is giving weavers’ their due. These craftspeople have produced shawls for centuries, their warps and wefts are interwoven with the story of a dwindling community.”

The pashmina & silk combination shawls use gold and white thread-work, sequins, and pipework with flashes of bright colours. The intricate flora and fauna designs made by traditional waivers are the highlights of the designs offered in the collection. The shawls not only incite the wow factor but also makes sure the outfits demonstrate a certain sense of strength, power, and empowerment.

Celebrity stylist Ami Patel added, “I am obsessed with shawls, so when Sugandha put forward the idea of contemporising and personalising shawls with zodiac signs, the designs came naturally.”

While shawls may sound like a traditional trend, the chef-d’oeuvre collection offers a personalised attire that can be dressed up or dressed down from anything from a cozy fall evening to an extravagant Wedding Ceremony. There’s something eternally special about heirloom pieces.

It is the timelessness of the weave, for some the depth of its color which grows deeper with years, while for some it is the memories attached with the slightest whiff that takes you back into a time you’ve probably never lived.

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