Sajal Verma is helping people live their best lives

Sajal Verma is helping people live their best lives
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Sajal Verma has gone on to inspire thousands of people in different parts of the world through his path-breaking journey. However, there is so much more to this plethora of talent. Sajal was able to snag the ‘’Best Male Fitness Influencer of the Year Award’’ by Influencerquipo at 22.

Our audience is always looking forward to the stories of successful influencers. Tell is in detail about your work and the page you run.

I’m a 22-year-old Indian Social Media influencer and a model. I currently live in Delhi, India. My mission is to help people live a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels incredible on the inside as well.

It takes a ton of efforts to build a physique of your dreams. Tell us in details about your journey to becoming an influencer

I underwent my own transformation from a skinny 15-year-old kid with a low self-esteem to the “Best Male Fitness Influencer of the Year Award” by Influencerquipo at the age of 22. It took a lot of dedication, discipline and hard work to achieve that goal, but it made me realize there’s a lot more to fitness than the perfect body. It’s about self-respect, self-belief and living life to your full potential.

I wanted to share my passion with the world and decided to launch my very first fitness app back in 2019. The app was aimed at motivating and educating the youth about training and nutrition. I learnt a lot about what it takes to create online content, build a brand and use social media marketing back when it was just getting started.

What is your future vision and how do you wish to take it to the next level?

Whatever I do, the vision is to make sure people feel their absolute best. In addition to expand. I’m gearing up for the launch of my new fitness app which will give people diet and training programs to follow. I’m also developing a range of hair and skincare products and a fashion and fitness apparel line.

What advice would you like to give to someone who has a dream of creating something of his own and make a living through it?

Don’t be afraid to start something, it can be anything. Music, writing, acting, or anything you like because you have literally no idea what the future holds for you. And above all, take care of your mind and body. They are your pillars to whatever you wish to achieve in this world.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s your passion. If you love it, you’ll have a lot of fun and you won’t be discouraged by the effort or challenges that may come your way.

The ability to make peoples’ lives better as a result of our presence. My mission has always been to inspire people to reach their highest potential & show them what happen when they don’t give up.

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