Moradabad activist Arvind Goel distributes 1,000 mud pots to give birds water


Arvind Goel

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“Birds also get thirsty, give them water this summer.”

New Delhi: The rapid soaring of temperature has already summoned dry hot wind which is singing the mother Earth with scorching heat and evaporating all available sources of clean water making survival a Herculean Task for both humans and animals. To provide water to birds, social activist Arvind Goel from Moradabad has purchased thousands of earthen pots and distributed among the citizens, which are kept in parks and open spaces in the town.

Arvind Goel said, “With summer worsening, most water sources for birds have dried up. Not only humans, but animals too get affected due to the increase in temperature and suffer from dehydration. From this single mud pot, at least 100 birds can drink water.”

Goel considers it his sacred duty to fill these pots with water every now and then, particularly during the summer, to help them quench their thirst, the bird lovers argue.

He has placed these pots in different parks and open spaces in Moradabad city to ensure these feathered entities do not die of extreme heat and are well fed as well.

Realizing that the initiative could not bear fruit without community participation, he has stirred up a movement of sorts. Everyday in Moradabad, Arvind Goel encourages children and youngsters to develop peer groups to maintain the pots and ensure they are filled with water all the time.

“Our aim is to place earthen pots in every nook and corner of the town and keep them filled with water during the entire summer season,” Arvind Goel revealed, while adding that separate drives against single-use plastic and distributing sanitary pads to needy girls and women were being conducted.

Arvind Goel believes that feeding birds means feeding yourself. Birds are a part of nature and feeding nature is nothing but feeding yourself.

He added that God will give us some directions in the times to come. We should always remember that God gives a low branch to the bird that cannot fly.

With the rise in temperature, birds are often the first casualties due to inadequate availability of water and shade. Arvind Goel who belongs to Moradabad hope that the citizens would accept these pots and help save the birds from the harsh weather by giving them shelter, food and water.

Arvind Goel feels that once children take charge, adults will certainly lend a helping hand to their kids and thus save precious lives. Being associated with the field of education who help run hundreds of institutions, Goel has directly connected to the younger lot and is inspiring them to take pledge to save birds and consider the task as sacred duty.

Goel tells people that one should not feed birds because they need you. You feed them because you need them. Feeding birds means feeding yourself. Birds are a part of nature and their ample presence serves as a barometer of a healthy environment.

Arvind Goel is also asking people to plant more and more trees as the trees are the natural habitat of birds. For Goel, this movement is just the beginning of his elaborate plan. He will encourage residents of the city to create tiny bird habitats within their homes in a cost effective manner.

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