Miguel Albino- The Maverick Entrepreneur and Artistic Dancer is ready to take the celebrity Dance choreography industry of the world by storm


Miguel Albino

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Miguel Albino is a Professional Celebrity Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Director, Instagram Influencer and also a wizard entrepreneur. He is blessed with multiple talents, so much that one might believe he was born with it! The reality is that it is his hard work that made him like this. Even though he was born with a creative brain, Miguel Albino is a believer of hard work. He also knew how to make money with his god-gifted talents. Entrepreneur Miguel Albino says “Maybe I was born with skills and multiple talents, but actually it’s amazing that we all are born with different skills and talents. That is what makes us different from each other, to find your calling, and to identify your best skill is a task that everyone must work hard for.” Heading into 2022 looks set to be his biggest year yet with big collaborations and shows coming up.

From early childhood Miguel Albino was into Dancing and Choreographing professionally for 14 years, he developed his own style of Kuduro, Afro-House and Hip-Hop and has been very groovy with his moves. He often shares his moves on Instagram and also shares beautiful pictures from his travel diaries.

His Journey as Dancer had won him lots of hearts and awards. Miguel Albino is currently working as a professional Choreographer and runs two Dance Schools namely “Bantu Afro Dance Spot” & “Homemader Dance Spot”. He has also been part of other international projects during his career that adds laurels to his journey as a professional dancer.

Miguel Albino is a strong believer of giving back to society and he is also doing his bit regarding the same. “As a young talent, I had no support which I could use for chasing my dreams. I had only myself. I practiced day and night to reach where I am today. If I could have had one proper guidance it would have changed a lot. I feel that all the Dancer, Entrepreneur, models out there need some sort of reassurance and support to work effectively and I want to be that for them”   Hence, At present, this wizard is continuously working towards sharing his skill to the world and conducting Vocational Training around the world. He had been featured in the Television for most of his training and was always loved by the viewers.

If you want to get connected with Miguel Albino you can visit his Instagram @miguelalbino365 where he often posts visually appealing feeds from around the world as he is a traveller and is often seen flashing his dance skills and twerking to sounds in different reels. He has more than 32k followers on Instagram.

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