Hafele modernizes home security solutions, introduces digital locks

Hafele modernizes home security solutions introduces digital locks
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Over the years, evolution in living patterns has demanded more from the traditional locks than mere home security. Today, people want smarter and more convenient options to manage access to their homes – the question is no longer about who stays out of the house but who can be let in.

As we move into the future, Häfele introduces its new Digital Home Security Solutions that bring to you the most advanced technologies in digital access modes, safety features, convenient settings, and much more; attempting to provoke a serious thought not just about home security but also about how easy can your daily interactions with the door be made. These solutions from Häfele allow you to control multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device, as per your specific lifestyle and at the leisure of your convenience. So, it’s time to move to a smarter way of life – it’s time to ‘Reimagine Access’!

The new Digital Locks – RE-Inforce, RE-Inspire, RE-Push, RE-Split, and RE-Twist – bring to you, contemporary design, advanced functionality, easy access, and control through a mobile application providing you with a comprehensive security solution at your fingertips.

RE-INFORCE – Because the combination of flawless features and harmonious aesthetics is hard to find and even harder to ignore.

Classic Design, Multiple Access Modes: RE-Inforce security with this sleek all-in-one digital lock. With multiple access options and a flushed body that appears as if it is forged out of black glass, this lock provides superior functionality and sophisticated aesthetics. Easy to use and set up (with an option of operating via the Häfele Smart Living App), the lock provides access through fingerprint, RFID card, password, and via the mobile application. Delivering high security, the lock safeguards the door within 3 seconds of closing it and offers a robust deadbolt connection ensuring utmost safety.

RE-INSPIRE – Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Stylish, strong design combined with innovative technology: Characterized by soft and minimalist lines, Häfele’s RE-Inspire makes achieving 100% reliable security as easy as breathing. The primary access modes – Key-pad, RFID, and Fingerprint – are complemented by smart, innovative technologies like Bluetooth-enabled access (via the Häfele Smart Lock mobile application) and Smart Home Integration (via Z-wave module). You can choose and pick the level of security you desire by using one or multiple modes to keep your home and your loved ones safe. Encased in rich Copper and Black finishes, RE-Inspire compounds safety and aesthetics simultaneously.

RE-PUSH – Because your home security should be effortless yet chic!

Elegant design, optimum functionality, and effortless operation in one solution: Effectively integrating smart ergonomics and technology, Häfele’s RE-Push Digital Lock cuts a sharp figure, packed in a sleek and elegant design, and offers a multitude of features that enhance your home security exponentially. The key principle behind RE-Push is its convenient operation; whether it be in terms of the easily held elevated handle to open the door with a flourish or about managing and controlling the lock via the embedded Z-Wave Module for smart home connectivity. For full-proof safety, the lock comes with four additional access modes – Keypad, RFID, Fingerprint, and Bluetooth access (using the Häfele Smart Lock mobile application).

RE-SPLIT – Because big things (or should we say technology) often come in small packages.

Advanced Functionality, Minimalist Aesthetics: RE-Split successfully unites the functionalities of the lock and lever handle into one body, enhancing the door design with sleek aesthetics. This lock provides access via multiple modes- password, fingerprint, and built-in Bluetooth key and is suitable for installation on internal and external doors across various settings. RE-Split hits the mark at capturing technological advancements that move towards providing more compact solutions packed with contemporary features. Furthermore, this lock can be operated as well as managed via the ‘Häfele Smart Living’ mobile application. It works on Bluetooth Technology and allows you to set multiple access possibilities for yourself as well as your visitors through different password configurations on your mobile device.

RE-TWIST – Because your door requires a comprehensive security solution.

Feature-loaded, Contemporary Design: Häfele’s RE-Twist Digital Lock with its sinuous design, that encapsulates extensive features, and provides an attractive highlight to your door aesthetics. Laden with smart security elements such as auto-locking and manual safety locking which can be accessed from the interiors, RE-Twist ensures utmost safety. It also includes the functionality of a doorbell within the lock body – thereby eliminating the need of installing a separate door-bell module. Additionally, it comes with multiple access modes making door operations effortless and adaptable.

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