Artists Have No Age, as Proved by Arshdeep Sandhu

Artists Have No Age as Proved by Arshdeep Sandhu

Arshdeep Sandhu

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Arshdeep proved himself there too, making the best out of the provided resources and balancing his work and academic life. As a teenager, he has to maintain this in order to keep working for a better future and also keep working as a businessman with great ideas. One would usually expect such an entrepreneur was to be very egoistic but this young man is humble and down to earth.

Hailing from Anupgarh, Rajasthan Arshdeep is an BSC student at Index Medical College. Who also happens to be a fantastic vocalist. When he first heard “Eminem” in 2014, his love for music blossomed. Harnoor Chandi, a great Indian Hip-Hop rapper from Clown Group. When he began practising Hip-Hop in 2016.

His parents, like any other parents, wanted him to pursue a career in the medical field rather than singing. That is why he was accepted into medical school, but he did not give up on his aspirations.

He was fortunate to have a friend and brother, “Avi Sandhu,” who is a Master of Beats and a Great Music Composer, who helped him learn and prepare compositions along his journey. He rehearsed for around 8-10 hours a day thanks to his friend’s assistance.

After that, Arshdeep began appearing in concerts with his friends from his hometown. But due to opposition from his family, the team never posted videos as he was the lead singer.

Arshdeep Sandhu is steadily rising in the musical world, particularly in the hip-hop genre, carving out a distinct niche for himself as a singer and performer. The type of songs he presents reveals his innate musical talents and skills. Getting deep into the hip-hop and rap genres presented him with several challenges due to the fierce competition in the industry, but he chose to give his all and work diligently towards improving his musical craft, allowing him to create foot-tapping singles that have effortlessly connected deeply with all of his listeners and music lovers.

Arshdeep Sandhu wants to now create many more incredible singles and make people feel more in love with his discography. He is continuously releasing songs. He has launched nearly 30 songs by now. In a recent interview he said that he working on an international project which contains 13 songs. He also said he is debuting in Black Hip-Hop music with this project.

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